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Visitations with Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah

Visitations with Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah

Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah of indie production company SpectreVision visit the homes and workshops of some of their favorite creators in the genre community and beyond, including Taika Waititi, Ana Lily Amirpour, Flying Lotus, Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte and others. From campfire tales to creature features, the exhilarating, entertaining and sometimes even therapeutic experience of facing one’s fears has always fascinated our hosts. On these intimate visits, guests delve into their lives, their work and how they’ve managed to turn their fears into art. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL PODCAST.

Member Reviews

Absolutely enjoyed this podcast. Some really great insights from the artists featured. Roll on Season 2!

4 months ago

Lot of static and needs proper editing. Constantly hard to follow along and I can't get past even the first episode. I love podcast but this is really not that polish quality and at times I struggle to understand the relevancy to horror.

4 months ago

my favorite podcast on Shudder.

5 months ago

Love this podcast!! The Guillermo Del Toro two-parter was especially fascinating. I am here for the movies AND the podcasts, I appreciate both!

11 months ago

I love this podcast and I’m not too keen on pods in general.

1 year ago