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Trickster tells the story of Jared, an Indigenous teen struggling to keep his dysfunctional family above water. Jared holds down an after-school job and cooks ecstasy on the side to support his separated parents. But when Jared starts seeing strange things, his already chaotic life is turned upside down. At first, he thinks he’s losing his mind, but it turns out there’s more than meets the eye to the place Jared grew up, the people he loves.

Member Reviews

It's a shame there's no more of this show. It was good even with some of the whinier stereotype stuff. ('It's not my fault I was a bad mom! Let's blame everything else in the world, and bond over me not taking any responsibility!') I wish they would have stayed focused on the main char, but still very good. After this many years I don't think it's coming back.

1 week ago

Kant wait till season 2 hits the fan

2 months ago

love this show!! hope season 2 happens

3 months ago

Very well made and interesting throughout. Acting was beyond good. Too bad the silly controversy about the producer killed the second season.

4 months ago

This series is fantastic! The lore and representation of indigenous nations should be put out more! Please make season 2

4 months ago