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The Terror

The Terror

Haunting, suspenseful and based on true events, The Terror centers on a perilous Arctic voyage by the British Royal Navy. It’s an extreme tale of survival in wholly unforgiving landscape - with the crew's fears exacerbated by an unknown threat.

Member Reviews

One of the best series I have ever seen. It has a slower burn but that is part of the charm. Every aspect of this series from the score to the sets is done with exceptional care and detail that really immerses the viewer. The characters are fantastic and all have motives and actions which make logical sense for the type of escalating situations they find themselves in. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to people who are fans of the Light House/A Field in England or just want something with a parabola of escalating tensions instead of the usual horror shlock.

2 days ago

A huge waste of time. No depth, no suspense, no payoff. Zzzzzzzzzz.

3 days ago

Fantastic series. It builds slowly until the horror gets into your bones. Production values, photography, SFX, acting -- all top notch.

4 days ago

Season 2? Please? Please Season 2? Please 2? P Season lease 2? Season 2? Ple-

6 days ago

i really want to feed a Eskimo woman a big chunk of whale blubber if ya catch what im throwing #FREEWHELLY

2 weeks ago