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Slasher: Ripper

Slasher: Ripper

Slasher: Ripper takes the franchise back in time to the 19th century. There's a killer stalking the mean streets, but instead of targeting the poor and downtrodden like Jack the Ripper, The Widow is meeting out justice against the rich and powerful.

Member Reviews

Soo good! This is the best season out of all of them. Not a fan of movies and shows that take place in this timeframe but I LOVED this.

22 hours ago

One thing I love as much as horror is a period piece. I loved this addition to the slasher anthology.

1 day ago

Sooo goood! Amazing storyline

2 days ago

It's entertaining but nothing special, pretty easy to guess the killer ...

3 days ago

Most anticlimactic ending to a show ever. Actors are good, I'll give them that but that's it. The stories have just not been good since season 3 imo.

4 days ago