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Joe Bob's Red Christmas

Joe Bob's Red Christmas

Joe Bob, Darcy, and the whole Drive-In crew gather around the yule log for some reindeer games and a triple feature of classic holiday horror films and deep-dive trivia.

Member Reviews

@redrumncoke sounds a lot like you. Joe Bobs a saint, if you dont like it then move on. Not everything is catered to you.

1 month ago

These are good classics. I love them. And besides that, where is number 2 on the list? (Picture of the Movie) 1. Black Christmas 2.??? (Picture of the Movie) 3. Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2. I guess this makes what Shudder is like... Mysterious! Haha

2 months ago

I love this show. Long live the drive in!

2 months ago

Love Joe Bob!

2 months ago

imagine being stuck with a belligerent know-it-all constantly whining about how he dislikes everything. if you like that sort of thing, maybe you'll like this trash.

3 months ago