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Joe Bob's Haunted Halloween Hangout

Joe Bob's Haunted Halloween Hangout

For his fourth Halloween special on Shudder, The World’s Foremost Drive-In Movie Critic leaves no plastic skull, fake spider, or foam tombstone behind in his mission to celebrate the Samhain season the RIGHT way for once. Leaving nothing to chance, Joe Bob and Darcy enlist the help of a very special guest: the Mistress of the Dark herself, Cassandra Peterson!

Member Reviews

pretty good

1 month ago

awesome joe bob series, i give it 5 skulls

2 months ago

Fantastic. Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mailgirl deliver another great show. I couldn't wait to watch it when they were talking about Popcorn.

3 months ago

I just gotta say... Darcy's take on airplane overhead lights is absolutely ridiculous. SO many people read books on planes, and they might not even have an e-reader or reading app on their phone. Also, plane rides are not always dark. Depends what time of day and what airline. Some always turn all the lights off but some follow the sun / time zones. The light is never even that bright anyway, and it's angled towards the person who's seat it is meant for. People should be entitled to use their lights whenever they want. Darcy's arguing that one tiny light is ruining the flying experience for everyone, when really, it's likely only ruining it for her and any other people who are overly-sensitive to lights who are sitting right next to the reader. I don't give a toss about someone 14 rows up turning their light on, let alone the person right next to me. More power to them. Reading books is great. I love reading books, as I'm sure many others do. Don't hate on us 'analog' readers, Darcy! Rant over. XD

4 months ago

Joe Bob makes every movie worth watching

6 months ago