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When teen Jake Wheeler buys a vintage doll at a yard sale, his young life will change forever. The notorious Chucky slashes his way to television in a killer new series written and executive produced by creator Don Mancini, who penned the iconic film franchise.

Member Reviews

Amazing show although second season is a little corny!

5 days ago

Wonderful show for true horror fans and Chuck fans alike! Highly recommend everyone take the time to view this series. For all of the reviews mentioning season 2 and 3 not being available on here, they are available to watch on normal cable and due to licensesing will be available on here in the future. So, if you want to watch them, get cable or a streaming service alternative.

1 week ago

I have to say that Shudder is an excellent streaming service. it has gone above and beyond what I thought it was going to be and I'm proud to have it. On the flip side however, Peacock has already downloaded season 2 of Chucky. Peacock is another streaming service that I wanted anyways and I have a few. I'm definitely not going anywhere but it would be great to have the season 2 of Chucky downloaded here. Just in case they somehow for whatever reason remove it from the streaming service on Peacock

2 weeks ago

utterly perfect. everything a true Chucky fan would want.

2 weeks ago

Shudder needs season 2! been waiting all year for it to show up! show is amazing!!

3 weeks ago