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Behind the Monsters

Behind the Monsters

No horror icon came out of a filmmaker’s first draft fully formed. There were early drafts, wrong turns, experimentation. Once made flesh (or latex), there’s presentation, impact, audience response and legacy. Each of these steps that nudge a horror creation toward the annals of legend will be explored in Shudder’s BEHIND THE MONSTERS. Each episode examines a horror icon who has broken free of the confines of the film from which it was born and become the stuff of legend.

Member Reviews

Loved it! I want another season!

2 weeks ago

Please!!!! We need more Seasons

3 weeks ago

Great stuff. So interesting!

2 months ago

TOP NOTCH!!!! I cant wait to see further episodes! Very well done and obviously made for the true super fans.

2 months ago

What an amazing series!!! I wish it wasn't over :(

2 months ago