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Who Saw Her Die?

Who Saw Her Die?

Directed by Aldo Lado

The life of a Venice sculptor is torn apart when his visiting young daughter is found murdered. But when the police are unable to find the killer, the grieving father's own investigation uncovers a high-level conspiracy of sexual perversion and violence. What depraved compulsions led to the murder of this child? And most horrifying of all, Who Saw Her Die?

A Venice sculptor uncovers conspiracy following the murder of his daughter.

Cast: George Lazenby, Anita Strindberg, Adolfo Celi, Nicoletta Elmi

Member Reviews

Pretty great movie, the real draw is Ennio Morricone's score though. So creepy!

1 month ago

Great giallo. Kept me guessing.

1 month ago

The locations, set and costume design and the cinematography are all great. Morricone's score is certainly not his best, but still effective. The place this movie falters is with it's story and narrative. The murder mystery is paced poorly, and you end up feeling strung along. It's just too thin, like an extended second act with a lackluster finish. It feels like just an excuse to tour Venice backgrounds at some points, and it succeeds in this.

7 months ago

great giallo. i really like this one.

8 months ago

Started out good but took too long to get to the point literally just skip to the end

9 months ago