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Watch Me When I Kill

Watch Me When I Kill

Directed by Antonio Bido

Mara, a beautiful young nightclub dancer, witnesses a brutal murder and soon finds herself stalked by an animalistic gloved killer! While enlisting the help of her boyfriend Lukas to track down and stop the maniac, the mystery surrounding the killings is slowly uncovered. As more bodies are found and secrets are uncovered, the truth behind the masked slasher is much more horrifying than anyone could imagine!

A beautiful witness to a murder soon finds herself being stalked by the killer. When her boyfriend investigates, he discovers there is much more to the crime than it appears.

Cast: Corrado Pani, Paola Tedesco, Franco Citti, Fernando Cerulli, Giuseppe Addobbati

Member Reviews


4 months ago

An interesting giallo and worth a watch for diehard fans. Nothing spectacular, but its worth checking off the list.

5 months ago

An uninspired giallo with a couple good kills, too many coincidences (even for a giallo), and the all-too-common NEVER AGAIN! revenge story. Aren't you getting sick of those . . . especially right now?

6 months ago

The killer deserved to get away with it tbh

9 months ago

I loved it,especially all those twists and turns,really good!

11 months ago