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Time of Moulting

Time of Moulting

Directed by Sabrina Mertens

In small town 1970s Germany, young Stephanie takes solace in exploring the mysteries hidden away in her untidy house, particularly the trunk full of her grandfather's butcher's equipment.

A teen takes interest in her family's butcher's equipment.

Cast: Zelda Espenschied, Miriam Schiweck, Freya Kreutzkam, Bernd Wolf

Member Reviews

A slow film, but quite depressing. Much of the film feels like a tragic look into a real family. And the change you watch Stephanie go through is quite disturbing. The end left me feeling unfulfilled and wanting a conclusion, but maybe that's the point?

3 days ago

insufferable indie pretentiousness, next

3 days ago

Painfully boring

5 days ago

Boring to say the least. Nothing happens. The director keeps a still scenes over and over like if we are suppose to take in what is happening which is nothing.

5 days ago

Sad but true. Some people do live their lives this way or worse. We can take things for granted.

1 week ago