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Time of Moulting

Time of Moulting

Directed by Sabrina Mertens

In small town 1970s Germany, young Stephanie takes solace in exploring the mysteries hidden away in her untidy house, particularly the trunk full of her grandfather's butcher's equipment.

A teen takes interest in her family's butcher's equipment.

Cast: Zelda Espenschied, Miriam Schiweck, Freya Kreutzkam, Bernd Wolf

Member Reviews

This movie had good potential if they did something more with what they had I have come up with my own ideas of why this would be on shudder. A slow burn with no pay off here but my opinion is there was an evil presence in the house, the ending was kind of interesting. Time of moulting is basically like watching a family spending time in their home it's just there it goes nowhere but I thought it had a eerie spooky undertone if that's any saving grace at all.

1 week ago

this one is slower than slow. Basicaly, this one is to horror what Sunn o))) is to metal. Every single scene has to be digest and understood so the ending can make sence. Obiously not for everyone

1 week ago

This film respects the audience in that it assumes you can figure out what is happening and being said. I can appreciate that. However, it is really slow. Like really really SLOW and that’s where this film lost me.

1 month ago

more of a sad art film and unsettling than typical horror, and the exact opposite of a jump-scare. this movie is slow with lots of single takes, the character development of the girl is interesting probably only to those who had neglectful parents. I would not call this movie boring, but I couldn't necessarily recommend it to just anyone. ending was whack.

1 month ago

I’m only 13 mins in or so and it’s a very sad, disturbing film. Not bad, but really dragging in the pace and somewhat disappointing though I can’t explain it. It’s confusing: the little girl plays in a dilapidated room, she plays with raw meat, her mom is delusional and plays with dolls while ignoring the daughter. Are they in a cult? Maybe i’ll watch the rest later.

3 months ago