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The Other Side of the Underneath

The Other Side of the Underneath

Directed by Jane Arden

In 1972, screenwriter/feminist/radical theater icon Jane Arden adapted her own multimedia stage production "A New Communion for Freaks, Prophets and Witches" into a nightmarish exploration of reason, chaos and her own battles with mental illness unlike anything audiences have seen before or since.

Screenwriter/feminist/radical theater icon Jane Arden adaptation her own multimedia stage production "A New Communion for Freaks, Prophets and Witches".

Cast: Sheila Allen, Jane Arden, Jack Bond, Liz Danciger, Elaine Donovan

Member Reviews

It's women having nervous breakdowns for almost two hours. There are some engaging visuals with a lot of filler. It's worth watching if you are into experimental films by people like Maya Deren.

1 month ago

WTF just happenef?

1 month ago

Wow this was intense and long but a real treat if you open up your mind to the true message its trying to convey. The title really says it all all while you see alot of dark imagery and you are questioning what is it you are really watching. I interpreted it as the other side of the underneath as symbolism in our minds to always look up n stay positive or else you can lose yourself as these people do in the film obviously. Brilliant art here probably misunderstood by most.

3 months ago

its ny kind of weird... but i had to pause after 10 minutes because I thought it might wake my baby. meh.

3 months ago

not good

4 months ago