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The Ones You Didn't Burn

The Ones You Didn't Burn

Directed by Elise Finnerty

After the death of his father a young man returns to his rural family home to prepare it for sale where he meets two women who claim the land was stolen from their ancestors after they were accused of being witches. He soon finds himself at the centre of an occult conspiracy that led to his fathers suicide and now threatens to destroy him.

After the death of his father, a young man finds himself at the entre of an occult conspiracy.

Cast: Nathan Wallace, Jenna Rose, Samuel Dunning, Elise Finnerty, Estelle Girard Parks

Member Reviews

Saw this at Salem Horrorfest. Such a good movie. I did not see the ending coming.

14 hours ago

I liked it. Like everyone else is saying, it looks amazing. I thought the story was interesting. It didn't have gore or jump scares, so a lot of folks will rate it down for that. But for a first time director/writer for a feature film, I've seen a lot worse. Interested to see what she comes up with next.

16 hours ago

Lovely to look at, but way too slow and non-scary for me

1 day ago

The movie looked good, I'll give it that. Would probably been better as a short.

3 days ago

I liked it, it was short and sweet.

4 days ago