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The Midnight Swim

The Midnight Swim

Directed by Sarah Adina Smith

Eerie things start happening when three sisters return to their lakeside home and summon the spirit of a drowned girl. First dead birds start appearing on their doorstep, then other creepy happenings. What do these ominous signs mean - and what’s their connection to a local legend, their mother’s death and the lake which may be calling June towards it? Sarah Adina Smith’s genre-bending debut is an elegant mixture of psychological thriller, ghost story and POV horror. Though offscreen much of the time, Lindsay Burdge (THE INVITATION) gives a haunting lead performance.

Eerie things start happening when three sisters summon the spirit of a drowned girl.

Cast: Lindsay Burdge, Jennifer Lafleur, Aleksa Palladino, Ross Partridge

Member Reviews

It’s true…you’d think something would happen at the end beyond the cultish origin. But the incredibly creepy and unsettling times set beforehand earn many skulls.

1 month ago

I mostly liked it while i was watching it, but it was surprisingly unsatisfying after. it's really pretty i guess.

3 months ago

Hard to immerse myself into this film. I was expecting it to be better

3 months ago

doesn't really go anywhere. ultimately kind of dull

4 months ago

I usually will say that any movie is good for what it is and i really don't give skulls this low. However this movie really does not deliver on any level way toi slow and dull. You dont really get to care about any of the characters i kinda liked the ghost element but it could have been ramped up.a bit more. The relationship between the sisters was akward to be honest. At times i really lost interest but i always finish a movie no matter what so i stuck it out. A plus was the scenery but that cant save this boring one. Disappointing.

4 months ago