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The Lift

The Lift

Directed by Dick Maas

There is something very wrong with the elevator in a stylish office high-rise: its passengers end up dead! When Felix, an inquisitive repairman, investigates the faulty deathtrap, he discovers that something other than malfunctioning machinery is to blame. Some dark, distorted power has gained control of the elevator for its own evil design. After his horrifying discovery is given the shaft by the authorities, he joins a nosy female journalist to battle the unholy force inside THE LIFT!

There is something very wrong with the elevator in a stylish office high-rise – passengers end up dead!

Cast: Huub Stapel, Willeke van Ammelrooy, Josine van Dalsum, Piet Römer

Member Reviews

An 80s film from the Netherlands. Not so bad.

1 day ago

This film was beyond stupid: half the plot has to do with most of the cast caught in some form of adultery or paranoia of it, and the big reveal was not worth payoff at all. Aggravating film.

2 weeks ago

this movie is stupid. but im not cancelling my subscription cause shudder has awesome movies

1 month ago

Excellent and moody thriller. I enjoyed it.

1 month ago

as a firm sub watcher, i found nothing wrong with the dub and quite enjoyed it. i think it was a smart decision because Dutch sounds so similar to English at times that English watchers may get confused about what they're actually hearing. the actors did an excellent job and the plot was actually really interesting.

1 month ago