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The Last Broadcast

The Last Broadcast

Directed by Stefan Avalos, Lance Weiler

In this pioneering found footage gem, a film crew ventures into the forest in search of the mythical 'Jersey Devil'.

A film crew in the forest. In search of the mythical 'Jersey Devil'. Discover this pioneering found footage gem.

Cast: David Beard, Stefan Avalos, Lance Weiler

Member Reviews

cool concept, but the poor execution lead to it being boring to watch

1 week ago

I really wanted to this like this one but it was just so slow and boring. I got roughly 45 minutes in and just couldn't keep going. I can see what it was trying to do but it just was not successful.

2 weeks ago

Like watching paint dry….boring!

3 weeks ago

Haven’t seen this since it was out on video, but it isn’t *that* bad. Some of the acting is abysmal, the production values were crap (not much worse than Clerks, though), but it was kind of interesting and I liked the ending. Thought it was pretty creepy. Now I should watch it and see if I have to revise my review lol. Standards are higher now…

3 weeks ago

That was a complete waste of time. Terrible.

1 month ago