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The Furies

The Furies

Directed by Tony D'Aquino

Rebellious high school students Kayla and her best friend Maddie are abducted by a sinister presence while out bombing their neighbourhood with graffiti. Waking up, in the woods, bound and disoriented in a claustrophobic coffin-like apparatus, Kayla's first thought is of Maddie. Before she has a chance to ruminate on the dreadful fate that may have befallen her friend, Kayla notices a terrifying masked man fast approaching, armed with a razor-sharp axe. As a chase ensues, it soon becomes clear that Kayla and her pursuer are not alone. There are six more young women, each with a masked stalker assigned to them, hell-bent on murder.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Kayla becomes an unwilling participant in a dangerous game.

Cast: Airlie Dodds, Linda Ngo, Taylor Ferguson, Ebony Vagulans

Member Reviews

nice job done

1 week ago

I saw this when it came out and it was even better the second time. Lots of action, gore, dark humor and homage to “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and more with an undercurrent of both girls-getting-shit-done and women-betraying-women… Never gets too bogged down in either direction.

1 week ago

loved it! badass girls, gore & interesting masks on the men! all around good movie that will keep you entertained! Hoping for a 2nd one with the last scene :)

2 weeks ago

I like the concept and ideas and I think that alone makes it worth a watch. I do think it could have used some refining in the story, characters at points do some really questionable things in such a short amount of time.

4 weeks ago

Amazing! Original ideas, excellent actors, stuck to plot well and finished cleanly. Even worth a re-watch 👌

1 month ago