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The Furies

The Furies

Directed by Tony D'Aquino

Rebellious high school students Kayla and her best friend Maddie are abducted by a sinister presence while out bombing their neighbourhood with graffiti. Waking up, in the woods, bound and disoriented in a claustrophobic coffin-like apparatus, Kayla's first thought is of Maddie. Before she has a chance to ruminate on the dreadful fate that may have befallen her friend, Kayla notices a terrifying masked man fast approaching, armed with a razor-sharp axe. As a chase ensues, it soon becomes clear that Kayla and her pursuer are not alone. There are six more young women, each with a masked stalker assigned to them, hell-bent on murder.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Kayla becomes an unwilling participant in a dangerous game.

Cast: Airlie Dodds, Linda Ngo, Taylor Ferguson, Ebony Vagulans

Member Reviews

When is the next one? So good!

1 day ago

Cool idea, thin on memorable killers, characters, or any sort of interesting plot. Wanted to like it a lot because the concept is great, but it just feels so sparse. Lots of gore but it feels a bit unearned.

1 week ago

Start off strong. Some cool kills and committed acting. Stays entertaining for most of its running time. Storywise, however, the movie plays its hand too close to its chest for too long, and as a result begins to feel a bit pointless by the last third (especially once it is made clear that it has no real hand to speak of). The payoff is unsatisfactory to say the least, and the movie ends evoking great meta slashers like CABIN IN THE WOODS and BEHIND THE MASK without having much to say on its own. Good but not great for me.

1 week ago

4 minutes in and turned it off. Gonna have to go watch vampires with James woods to clean the stink off my brain.

2 weeks ago

Really good movie. Different than most movies where they hunt you down.

2 weeks ago