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The Devonsville Terror

The Devonsville Terror

Directed by Ulli Lommel

The arrival of three progressive young women ignites superstitious paranoia among the population of a New England town.

Witches were burned 300 years before in a New England town.

Cast: Suzanna Love, Robert Walker Jr., Donald Pleasence

Member Reviews

I think it was made by a bunch of hillbillies, and they stared in it too !

3 days ago

This movie is not very long, so you could easily take some time to watch it. I had no expectations and I actually loved it. The real terror is misogyny.

2 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Good 70s vibe with a great 80s music score - I mean by score - a great single music cue, which reminds me of the Elvira Theme, which is played over and over for the entire film... The story is a bit vague, especially referring to the other two women who have almost no focus plot wise and are not really ever explained or shown arriving to town or that they ever actually hang out together apart from one shot to establish this face. The filmmakers try to cover their plot holes by having characters talk about things unseen. You will either hate this film or love it. No middle ground... Also stars Walter Gibbs from "Cheers" and Robert Walker who was Charlie X in the Star Trek TOS! The most amazing thing about this film is that a character actually plays the violin on camera - no movie has ever done this or will ever do this again...

1 month ago

Perfectly acceptable little b-movie. Feels thematically of the 1970s with its heavy-handed feminist themes. There are some good oopy-goopy moments here. Worth a one-time watch.

1 month ago