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The Devil's Doorway

The Devil's Doorway

Directed by Aislinn Clarke

In 1960, two priests are sent to investigate a miracle in an Irish home for unwed mothers only to discover that one of the residents is possessed by the devil.

An unwed mother is possessed by the devil.

Cast: Lalor Roddy, Ciaran Flynn, Helena Bereen, Lauren Coe

Member Reviews

Decent found footage film !

1 day ago

Good acting, creepy atmosphere and great set/visual design. A solid intro into a very troubling time.

2 days ago

Found footage is always hit or miss with me. I liked this one. I grew up catholic so anything to do with the church ups the creepy factor for me. Nuns.... enough said.

5 days ago

Only 3 skulls because I hate the found footage genre. However the story was terrific and the acting was great. Well crafted story line.

6 days ago

Great found footage gem watch this one very closely 🤨 an unrelenting challenge to the senses

6 days ago