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Tammy and the T-Rex

Tammy and the T-Rex

Directed by Stewart Raffill

A jaw-dropping assault on the senses from the whacked out mind of cult filmmaker Stewart Raffill, TAMMY AND THE T-REX features Denise Richards in her first starring role, alongside Paul Walker, Terry Kiser, George 'Buck' Flower, and John F. Goff. Primarily seen in its heavily censored, PG-13 rated version, Vinegar Syndrome presents TAMMY AND THE T-REX restored, fully uncut for the first time on home video, with all of its gross-out gags and gratuitous decapitations, gut rippings, and head smashings, courtesy of special effects wizard John Carl Buechler, completely intact.

A teen learns that a scientist implanted her dead boyfriend's brain into an animatronic dinosaur.

Cast: Denise Richards, Paul Walker, Terry Kiser, George 'Buck' Flower

Member Reviews

this qas a fun one

2 weeks ago

omg, Paul was even more handsome as a young man . smh r. i. p gone too young n too soon🤧

1 month ago

Incredibly self aware, hilarious and fun! The only thing that would’ve elevated this movie was a bit of nudity but other than that it is a campy masterpiece

2 months ago

5 / 5 skulls, more skulls the better

2 months ago

It knows it's absurd / which helps make it better than / Jurassic Park III.

2 months ago