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Directed by Michele Soavi

A serial killer stalks the cast of a play based on his gruesome murders in this stylish and scary Italian slasher. When an injury brings a cast member to a doctor at a nearby mental hospital, an evil patient hitches a ride back to the theater in her trunk. Before long, the cast find themselves locked in the theater, where the killer—wearing an eerie owl mask—begins staging their horrific death scenes, one by one. After assisting Dario Argento for most of the 1980s, director Michele Soavi (THE CHURCH) broke out on his own with this chilling feature debut.

A serial killer stalks the cast of a play based on his gruesome murders.

Cast: Barbara Cupisti, David Brandon, Robert Gilgorov, Martin Philips, Clain Parker

Member Reviews

It was ok but pretty disappointed overall. Just didn't the flair or panache of an Argento or Bava. Felt by the numbers

1 week ago

AWESOME 80s slasher movie! One of my favorites.

1 month ago

never seen anything like this before. fun film

2 months ago

Fucking awesome. Great story, great acting, colors, music and engaging until the end. Slasher classic to watch more than once.

2 months ago

Easily one of the best slasher films in the entire genre, I've seen no other movie with such a unique tone and atmosphere. an absolute must watch

3 months ago