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Spook Warfare

Spook Warfare

Directed by Yoshiyuki Kuroda

Spook Warfare tells the tale of an evil Babylonian vampire inadvertently awoken by treasure hunters, and a brave samurai that teams with the yokai to defeat the bloodthirsty demon.

A young boy is chosen as the defender of good and must team up with Japan's ancient spirits and creatures of lore to attempt to destroy the forces of evil.

Cast: Yoshihiko Aoyama, Hideki Hanamura, Chikara Hashimoto

Member Reviews

cute reminds me of 1st grade play

1 month ago

Hokey but cute...definitely a kids' type of movie. Fun to watch though.

1 month ago

If you're looking for something terrifying, this ain't it. 100 Monsters was silly, Along with Ghosts had the best plot and development. This one is basically a ragtag team of yokai bumbling about against a big bad monster. ...I loved it. Look, it's just silliness with a great variety of monsters. It's exactly what you would've wanted when you were a kid.

2 months ago

A fun wee film. A simple story well told, with some charming vintage costumes and cool special effects. Worth a watch.

2 months ago

Boy, if this had been in the TV syndication rotation back when I was 10 I would've happily watched it to the end every time it popped up.

3 months ago