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Directed by Stephen Scarlata

The ultimate deep dive into the world of shark cinema: filmmakers, critics, scholars, and conservationists explore the cultural impact on audiences and this misunderstood species.

The ultimate deep dive into the world of shark cinema.

Cast: Glenn Campbell, Tom Chapin, Roger Corman, Joe Dante, Scott Devine, Anthony C. Ferrante, Michael Gingold, Carl Gottlieb, Chris Kentis, A. Peter Klimley, David Michael Latt, Matthew P. Mercer, Rebekah McKendry, Vanessa Morgan, James Nunn, Mark Polonia, Christopher Ray, Adam Rifkin, David Rimawi, Johannes Roberts, Rob Schrab, David Shiffman, Matty Simmons, Greg Stone, Misty Talley, Andrew Traucki, Mario Van Peebles, Vicky Vasquez, Thomas P. Vitale, Scott Wheeler, David Worth, Dr. Emily Zarka

Member Reviews

Been waiting in a documentary to cover this forever and this did not dissapoint!!! Jaws inspired me to become a scuba diver and discover the world of sharks as well as discovering the world of filmmaking!!

6 days ago

Love shark movies, and this shark movie documentary didn’t disappoint!

1 week ago

Great!!! So goood!

2 weeks ago

As someone interested in the Jaws Effect and how the history of shark movies and shark research intertwine, this was pretty useful for getting a grasp of when and how events unfolded and how the genre developed. It's a good peek into the horror movie side of things through the lens of people who don't just outright hate the movies, which I always find useful. It's not perfect and it kind of just skims the surface like most Shudder documentaries, but it's good for an entry point.

3 weeks ago

Loved iit, it was very well organized and informative.

1 month ago