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Directed by Umberto Lenzi

In their first startling collaboration, Carroll Baker stars as an American widow who arrives at her late husband’s luxurious Italian estate and surrenders to an orgy of ménages à trois, madness, and murder. Writer/director Umberto Lenzi boldly fills the screen with bourgeois depravity, daring sexuality and unnerving twists for the worldwide hit At The Mountain Of Madness calls “so odd, disturbing and well-made, with that delirious giallo feel that’s like a drug.”

When an American widow arrives at her late husband’s luxurious Italian estate, she surrenders to an orgy of ménages à trois, madness, and murder.

Cast: Carroll Baker, Lou Castel, Colette Descombes, Tino Carraro, Lilla Brignone

Member Reviews

One of the movies you wonder how and when real people got together and thought it would be a good idea to make a film like this.

3 weeks ago

was a lot less sex then i expected, but interesting

1 month ago

Did Lenzi do it before Argento?. Bava was already doing stylish murder thrillers, but Lenzi, a well known copycat, does a commendable job. This is not a typical Giallo, but an examination of someone being driven mad. Carrol Baker has some tense moments, her spacious Villa allowing for some semi creepy camera movement and lighting choices. The lead male does have some charisma and shows more brute force has the film progresses. The sleaze factor has yet to reach Times Square level of depravity. The depiction of drug and alcohol abuse is spot on. Paranoid women thrillers had already been done. Rosemary’s Baby being a prime example. Orgasmo is not a GREAT film, but, if you like Italian thrillers, check out this early Lenzi offering. One of the songs played throughout the film is stuck in my head.

1 month ago

Complete lunacy. Better than anything disney has produced recently.

3 months ago

Great madness!!

4 months ago