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Directed by Kjersti Helen Rasmussen

Mona and Robbie move into their first apartment when Mona starts experiencing horrible nightmares. As the bad dreams intensify, it is clear something is making its way into this world through Mona.

Mona and Robbie moves to a new apartment, when Mona starts experiencing horrible nightmares.

Cast: Eili Harboe, Herman Tømmeraas, Dennis Storhøi, Preben Hodneland, Gine Therese Grønner, Siri Black Ndiaye

Member Reviews

Great film!

8 hours ago

Pretty spooky, great film

1 week ago

This had a solid start and a solid concept and then it just was fumbled really hard. The ending was confusing and maybe it’s meant to be that way but it really wasn’t great to end it like that. They had a lot of really unexplained aspects to the story that they could have explained better. It’s a bummer they didn’t execute it better

3 weeks ago

Not, bad. Also, not great. Very slow, which I don’t normally mind if the creepy elements work well. Here, they just don’t. It’s trying to go too many directions, instead of just focusing on one direction really well. The sleep paralysis phenomenon is real and, as someone who experiences it myself, can be truly terrifying. It seems to me the makers of this film have probably not actually experienced it themselves, which is ok. But if they had, I believe it would be a lot more focused and much scarier. It was on, but I wouldn’t rewatch it.

3 weeks ago

Good movie. Not the scariest film though. The nightmare aspect was interesting though.

1 month ago