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Night of the Bastard

Night of the Bastard

Directed by Erik Boccio

A gruff recluse and an injured woman must fend off a gang of bloodthirsty demonist as they lay siege to his secluded desert home.

A gang lays siege to a hermit's secluded desert home.

Cast: London May, Mya Hudson, Hannah Pierce, Henry Mortensen, Victoria Goodhart, Wesley Doloris, Eric Spudic, George Garcia

Member Reviews

Amazing. Maximum grit.

3 days ago

It was fun!!!

4 days ago

Movies like this are cool. There are a lot of things that are not great about this movie but iall the parts come together to make something that's fun to watch. I'd definitely watch again.

6 days ago

a rather silly movie with a bad script and mediocre acting but nonetheless fun to watch and provides an hour and a half of decent entertainment.

6 days ago

Any movie where campers are attacked by a group of incestuous goat-headed-demon worshiping cultists gets 5/5 from me!

1 week ago