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Directed by Jagoda Szelc

Things become increasingly eerie and disturbed for a group of hotel interns who have arrived for work.

Things become really eerie for a group of hotel interns.

Cast: Zuzanna Lit, Anna Biernacik

Member Reviews

Good watch!

2 weeks ago

This strange, weird arthouse movie is right up my alley. I don't need to understand every second of each scene, I need to feel a certain odd and uneasy feeling while watching it. This movie is creepy and atmospheric. I loved it.

1 month ago

Made me feel something for sure. Not sure what, but I felt it. I usually tend to enjoy movies like this. Slow, arthouse, psychedelic with a messy ending. Idk. I’d say watch a review for this before watching it, but there literally isn’t one review of this on Youtube. 3 stars.

2 months ago

This movie is great for crackheads and dopedealers! You should have just release this on youtube for nobody would find it.

3 months ago

Monument was a movie i wanted to watch for a while because it looked n sounded interesting. First of all to those who give it a good review do not say those of us who didn't like it are dumb just because its an arthouse piece and you liked it does not make you a genius. It gives a interesting creepy atmosphere from start to finish n the end was just a small redemer for how slow and pointless the rest is. I felt through out most of the film i just watched character development that led to a ending that couldn't be explained properly. Im sure there are hidden things that explain everything but i doubt anyone who did not like it will watch it more than once.

4 months ago