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Directed by Marc Coleman

When a humanoid sea creature washes up in Terry's bleak life they quickly develop feelings for each other - But can Man love Fish?

A creature washes up in Terry's life & they develop feelings

Cast: Dean Kilbey, Emma Stannard, Matty Noble, Jon Campling, Liam Noble, David Alexander, Paul Trussell, Eloise Dale

Member Reviews

Knew within the first few minutes this was going to be bonkers and it was. I didn’t want to laugh but I couldn’t help it. Loved it.

4 weeks ago

Thought this was fun! Not scary, of course, despite the plot surrounding a monster. The thing I really paid attention to was the lead, Dean Kilbey. This guy- just lots of subtle things that took me by surprise and made me laugh. Gonna look him up

1 month ago

The Shape of Water but make it gay. And funny. Not horror really, but I’m not mad I watched it.

1 month ago

i have never seen anything like this, however I was certain there was going to be some man on fishman action before I watched it. I give five skulls because

3 months ago

All I could have ever hoped for and more

3 months ago