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Lust for a Vampire

Lust for a Vampire

Directed by Jimmy Sangster

A resurrected vampire enrolls at a girl’s school and begins to take new lives - though she’s especially drawn to victims of the female variety. Sound familiar? After the success of THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, Hammer churned out this follow-up, based - as the previous film was - on Sheridan LeFanu’s lesbian vampire classic “Carmilla”, which predates “Dracula” by 26 years. Jimmy Sangster, the writer of dozens of Hammer’s most classic films, was enlisted to direct. But it’s naughty nubile Yutte Stensgaard who steals the show as the scary new student who doesn’t quite fit in...

A resurrected vampire enrolls at a girl’s school and begins to take new lives.

Cast: Ralph Bates, Barbara Jefford, Suzanna Leigh, Michael Johnson

Member Reviews

These vampires are the real deal.

4 days ago

Choppy editing and an unlikeable cast, but I can't help but love bisexual vampire women. Knocking off another star for the horribly inaccurate costuming, the hairstyles and makeup screamed 70s but the costumes screamed party city Pride & Prejudice. Really takes you out of the film.

3 weeks ago

I haven't watched yet, so I am only reviewing the reviews. I consider myself a connoisseur of the ontological conjunction of Vampirism and Lesbianism, as such, I will not trust a review unless it is given by a woman, because, forgive me, only non butch females can appreciate *vampiric* lesbianism, and I ask you not to repeat that to others, for I do not want them to know they have such a failing...because we all know they would ruin it. Please, reply to me if you are a beautiful lesbian and found my review invigorating, I'd like to know I haven't missed the mark

3 weeks ago

I feel there should be more movies set at schools of this sort.

1 month ago

I love Hammer Horror, but the plot of this one made very little sense. Was staring at the girls studying in the mansion SO CRUCIAL that the main character had to con one of the teachers into leaving so he could take his place?

1 month ago