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Directed by Kurtis David Harder

While struggling on a solo backpacking trip, social media influencer Madison meets CW, who shows her a more uninhibited way of living. But CW's interest in Madison takes a darker turn.

A social media influencer meets an uninhibited traveler.

Cast: Cassandra Naud, Emily Tennant, Rory J. Saper, Sara Canning

Member Reviews

This was not at all what I expected. Poignant insights, really clever twists

2 hours ago

This was way better than the trailer made it out to be.

4 hours ago

This was better than I thought.

8 hours ago

I always enjoy when a trailer seems like it gives the entire movie away, but when you watch the movie you realize it only covered the first 20 minutes. This was a good one.

10 hours ago

Reasonable stolen-identity thriller. Better than expected, but definitely lacking in fireworks.

1 hour ago