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Directed by Larry Yust

Six elderly people, living a peaceful, untroubled life in an old block of flats, hear they are threatened with eviction. Their whole world looks as if it is faling apart. Panic-stricken at first, they then set up a battle-plan to get rid of everyone who is responsible for shattering their peaceful life.

A group of elderly pensioners embark on a campaign of bloody revenge when they learn that their old apartment building has been earmarked for destruction.

Cast: Peter Brocco, Frances Fuller, William Hansen, Ruth McDevitt, Paula Trueman

Member Reviews

A delightful and darkly amusing film with some top notch performances paddling the action along.

3 days ago

An unusual and sometimes darkly humorous film about the vulnerabilities of old age and how change can impact elderly people’s well-being and sense of belonging. How might they react to feeling threatened and discarded? Watch and see. Grim fun!

5 days ago

Boy, the 70s really WERE the greatest horror movie decade of the 20th Century, weren't they? There was just so much to like here. Horror with delicious undercurrents of satire, tragedy and black comedy, as well as fantastic, humane performances and some masterful examination of how we rationalize the evil we do.

1 week ago

Well made time capsule with creepy echoes of current real estate vulture capitalism. Wicked, funny, a bit sweet and twisted with a great cast. Thanks to Shudder for this unknown (to me) curiosity- a testament to a long gone Cincinnati.

1 week ago

definitely NOT horror but good comedy

1 week ago