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High Tension

High Tension

Directed by Alexandre Aja

Hoping to prepare for their college exams in peace and quiet, best friends Marie and Alexia decide to spend a weekend in the country at Alexia's parents' secluded farmhouse. But in the dead of the night, a stranger knocks on the front door. And with the first swing of his knife, the girls' idyllic weekend turns into an endless night of horror... This vicious, divisive neo-slasher introduced audiences to Alexandre Aja and helped usher in a highly praised new wave of French terror that brought us the likes of INSIDE and MARTYRS in the mid-2000s.

Two best friends' quiet weekend turns into an endless night of horror in this French horror breakthrough.

Cast: Cecile De France, Maiwenn Le Besco, Philippe Nahon, Franck Khalfoun

Member Reviews

Loved it! The circular saw part was my favorite, it made me cringe. Anyone love gore and suspense? Watch it!

9 hours ago

Always loved High Tension and so glad Shudder is highlighting the mid-00’s French horror explosion. The only quibble I had with this movie is the same everyone has, as Ebert put it, not only is the plot hole big enough to drive a truck through, it literally drives a truck through it. The only reason I can see for it’s inclusion is otherwise it’s an exact rip-off of the Koontz novel Intensity, right down to the killer searching the sink for traces of water. Still a great debut for director Aja.

19 minutes ago

pretty good

22 hours ago


1 day ago

Dont read reviews if you dont want spoilers. it have a high rating for a reasom so just watch. With that being spoilers, i feel people complain about the reveal of marie being the killer but dont understand this is a psychological thriller with a unreliable narrator. everything that is being presented is false and part of Marie's imagjneation.

4 days ago