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Directed by Steven Pierce

When a woman running from her past is trapped between a zombie outbreak and warring militia groups, she must fight for love and survival.

A woman is trapped between a zombie outbreak and militias.

Cast: Ellen Adair, Mitzi Akaha, Jeremy Holm, Amanda Fuller, Dana Snyder, Brandon James Ellis, Jeremy Lawson, Corbin Bernsen

Member Reviews

It was just ok.

2 days ago

It was fine. I get that it wasn't necessarily about the zombies, but it coulda used more zombies.

4 days ago

True Romeo lineage. And wow from some “didn’t finish it” comments, politically triggering. Not all, ‘cause hey if you don’t like it, cool. BUT SERIOUSLY, the ending turned zombie-lore UPSIDE DOWN and I love it. Spoilers (?) but there might be a central reason we don’t “see” the zombies “heps” like we expect. Why it feels more character not splatter focused. I stayed for the ride and so glad I did. Best of what indie cinema can offer and we should hunger for more of this!

5 days ago

Good cinematography, not amazing. Other than that, the story is really boring. Kind of a good twist on zombies? But for a “zombie movie” not really a whole lot of zombie scenes. You could basically take the zombies out and it be the same movie.

1 week ago

Not to bad

1 week ago