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Directed by John Carpenter

The year is 1963, the night: Halloween. Police are called to 43 Lampkin Ln. only to discover that 15 year old Judith Myers has been stabbed to death, by her 6 year-old brother, Michael. After being institutionalized for 15 years, Myers breaks out on the night before Halloween. No one knows, nor wants to find out, what will happen on October 31st 1978 besides Myers' psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis. He knows Michael is coming back to Haddonfield, but by the time the town realizes it, it'll be too late for many people.

An escaped killer returns home in John Carpenter's classic.

Cast: Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, P.J. Soles

Member Reviews

Amazing!! A horror classic. Must watch.

3 weeks ago

one of my favorite Halloween movies ever

3 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

An A+ Horror Film and the Definitive Slasher film. Definitely worth the watch!

4 weeks ago

There was no reason for anything in this movie. The killer had no backstory, motivations, or explanations. Dr. Loomis spends the entire movie chasing Michael around telling everyone how evil he was based entirely on one thing Michael did when he was six. He then spent fifteen additional years sitting silently staring at a wall. What basis did Loomis have for thinking that Michael was still dangerous to anyone? The people who were killed had no connection to the killer. He had no apparent reason to kill them. They didn't do a single thing to him.

1 month ago