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Directed by William Girdler

An enormous grizzly bear embarks on a murderous rampage in a national park, killing campers, hunters, and anyone else who gets in its way. But when rangers push to close the park, craven officials decide to keep it open. Sound familiar? A year after JAWS broke records, director William Girdler set out to cash in with a knockoff - and guess what? It worked. GRIZZLY became the top independent hit of 1976, grossing nearly $30 million dollars and inspiring many more animal attack thrillers - including Girdler's semi-sequel DAY OF THE ANIMALS the following year.

An enormous grizzly bear embarks on a murderous rampage in a national park.

Cast: Christopher George, Andrew Prine, Richard Jaeckel

Member Reviews

A must see, ideally before Day of the Animals. We lost Christopher George way, way too early (his early 50s to a heart attack) - he was gift for our genre, starring in many films. Fun note... five minutes left in the movie and I suddenly had a flashback to when I was young teenager and went to an 'animal farm' in Washington state where I used to live and thought I saw this bear. A quick search on Google and YUP! Teddy was his name and he and many other 'stars' lived on the farm in Sequim, Washington.

1 week ago

I really loved when the bear blew up

4 weeks ago

A good old fashioned hoaky animal movie. Loved it!

2 months ago

A very under appreciated animal horror movie. For something that came out the same years as Jaws, I can see why it was overshadowed. If this would’ve come out a few years later or before I think this could’ve been a really big hit. The setting and the atmosphere as well as the score makes this movie a great watch! Couldn’t recommend this movie enough.

3 months ago

A quite excellent creature feature about a killer bear I loved it very entertaining.

3 months ago