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Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Directed by Herb Freed

A masked killer begins murdering students on the school track team after a track runner dies upon completion of a 30 second 200-meter race.

A killer begins murdering students on the school track team.

Cast: Christopher George, Patch Mackenzie, E. Danny Murphy, E.J. Peaker

Member Reviews

they all are graduating because they passed all the years they went

5 days ago

If you go into this with zero or low expectations, you may be able to watch this. If I had not watched it with Joe Bob commentary, I may not have finished it at all. It was just a really unsatisfying ending.

1 week ago

Super cheesy, super 80s. Linnea Quigley I love you!!!

2 weeks ago

the story plot was good but i dont really like with the way it was set up. the acting was kinda cringe and let me not start with how terrible the dialog was which kinda wasnt making any sense at one point. after a moment i kinda got dooze off with how boring it was getting.

2 weeks ago

A very cheesy film with too many red herrings in it.

3 weeks ago