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Directed by Niall Owens

It is an ordinary house. On an ordinary street. For a gang of desperate criminals, what waits inside is anything but ordinary.

What waits inside a house is anything but ordinary.

Cast: Timmy Creed, Kevin Barry, Laurence Ubong Williams, Fiona Hardy, Finbarr Stanton, Joe Lyons, Dafhyd Flynn

Member Reviews

Quite enjoyed it. Reminded me of Session 9. Feeling of quiet dread throughout.

1 week ago

Snooziest movie that ever did snooze. The characters are not relatable, their problems are petty, the acting is bad, and worst of all; the pacing is atrocious.

1 week ago

I found this film to be incredibly boring.

1 week ago

Not a single clue what was going on. Boring as all hell.

1 week ago

I was even hoping for a miserable slog into the fractured psyche of The Irish Guy, but I see now that would require finesse to pull off, which this hasn’t. It’s just a bunch of ugly dudes standing around an empty house with their mouths open and eyes welling with tears while the same emotional reveals are revealed repeatedly accompanied by further welling of tears.

2 weeks ago