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Fangoria Chainsaw Awards 2023

Fangoria Chainsaw Awards 2023

Directed by Michael Varrati

Hosted by David Dastmalchain and Peaches Christ, the 2023 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards brings together the brightest, best, and bloodiest talents in the genre to honor the horror offerings.

The annual awards ceremony honoring the best in horror.

Cast: David Dastmalchian, Peaches Christ

Member Reviews

Unfortunately it was a tough watch. I bailed out with the intent of finishing but every time I think about that I say let me see what else is on !

3 weeks ago

A great horror themed oscar ceremony with alot of good guests.

4 months ago

I don’t know why some hated this so much. I thought it was great and appreciated that there is an award show tailored to horror genre based on nothing but fan votes that’s amazing in itself.

4 months ago

Wow is this cringe! I could not make it through.

5 months ago

this is really dumb to watch!

5 months ago