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Color Out of Space

Color Out of Space

Directed by Richard Stanley

After a meteorite lands in their front yard, Nathan Gardner and his family find themselves battling an extraterrestrial organism as it infects their minds and bodies, and turns their lives into a living nightmare. Nicolas Cage stars in this mind expanding cosmic horror. A SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE.

After a meteorite lands on their farm, Nathan Gardner and his family must battle an extraterrestrial organism as it infects their minds and bodies.

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Joely Richardson, Madeleine Arthur, Brendan Meyer, Julian Hilliard, Elliot Knight

Member Reviews

Nothing like the book....

1 day ago

Nicholas Cage channels his inner Willie Tanner and Tommy Chong plays the friendly stoner squatter in this visual sci fi masterpiece

3 days ago

This movie is incredible. Very beautiful visually. Insanely creepy. This may be the best horror movie I've seen.

6 days ago

I am so happy I finally got around to watching this movie it was insanely amazing from start to finish. I thought signs meets mandy , Nicholas Cage is great as he always is and the rest of the cast does well also. The movie is visually stunning with the colors , sci fi horror is a genre that can be hard to do well without going corny but not here. Not a dull moment in this movie I was so engaged and excited to see what was going to happen next . Ending really finished out the film on the best note , I loved color out of space. Blown away.

1 week ago

Pretty nifty~ Cage at a modest Cage level. So reasonably cagey without stealing the entire movie for himself.

1 week ago