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Body Melt

Body Melt

Directed by Phillip Brophy

It's a sunny day in suburbia. Suddenly, a hideously deformed dying man disrupts the peace, crashing his car in the neighborhood of Pebbles Court, the better part of Homesville. He's the victim of the experimental drug Vimuville, marketed as a "dietary supplement", which has apparently malfunctioned. He arrives too late to warn the population of Homesville against trying the pill that was dropped in their mailbox by a respectable pharmaceutical company. Unfortunately, the folks of Homesville are suckers for freebies and they too start deforming, mutating and exploding.

The residents of Homesville start deforming, mutating and exploding thanks to an experimental "dietary supplement."

Cast: Gerard Kennedy, Andrew Daddo

Member Reviews

What the fuck did I just watch...

1 day ago

Awful. Absolutely awful. A diet drug melts people's flesh. The goopy gore is kind of interesting, but that's only 5% of the film. There isn't really a plot, so the film follows odd characters doing odd, nonsensical things with subplots that make little sense. Not scary. Not funny. A colossal waste of time.

1 day ago

Dioleopard: It's Aussie, not ozzy. Do you think the country is Oztralia?

2 days ago

It pains me that this is sitting here with three stars. It is HILARIOUS. And the kills are magnificent.

3 days ago

bizarre movie, some neat effects. i checked out when it became clear it wasn't going anywhere. i'm noticing this is kind of a trend with these ozzy films.

4 days ago