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Blood Flower

Blood Flower

Directed by Dain Said

A teen psychic must embrace his supernatural powers to save his family from a malicious spirit.

A young exorcist takes on a dark spirit to save his family.

Cast: Idan Aedan, Bront Palarae, Remy Ishak, Nadiya Nisaa, Nabila Huda, Amanda Ang, Arnie Shasha, Angelica Petra, Fazial Hussein, Eriza Allya

Member Reviews

Some good special effects and an interesting ending don't make up for the nonsense story line and chaotic pacing. Struggled to pay attention through the last half.

16 hours ago

Some great horror but also some real shady b movie imagery that lets it down.

2 days ago

to much flowers not enough horrors.

3 days ago

rly good, rly sad, unexpected but pleasant surprise

4 days ago

had to turn it off. due to the most horrific boredom ive experienced this year.

4 days ago