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Baby Blood

Baby Blood

Directed by Alain Robak

In this freaky French horror film, a parasite implants itself in a woman’s uterus and makes her kill men so it can feed on their blood. As Yanka’s belly swells, so does her taste for murder, which also helps her work through some of the issues she developed being abused by men her entire life. But though Yanka recognizes the danger of the monster inside her, she also develops a kind of sympathy for it. Is that what motherhood is? Alain Robak’s mad little must-see is a brilliantly bloody fusion of ERASERHEAD, POSSESSION and Frank Henenlotter’s BRAIN DAMAGE.

A parasite implants itself in a woman’s uterus and makes her feed it lots of blood.

Cast: Emmanuelle Escourrou, Christian Sinniger, Jean-François Gallotte, Roselyne Geslot

Member Reviews

morw feminazi fantasies

21 minutes ago

More funny than I thought it would be LOL. Had some actual laugh outloud scenes :->

1 month ago

Awesome flick with lots of gore and nudity! Did they really need to explode a leopard to make this movie though? Could have been a pig or something..

1 month ago

A REALLY dark horror comedy with over-the-top deaths (pop!) and a vital PSA regarding giving one's heart away too quickly in a budding relationship.

1 month ago


1 month ago