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And Soon the Darkness

And Soon the Darkness

Directed by Robert Fuest

Two young English women go on a cycling tour of the French countryside. When one of them goes missing, the other begins to search for her. But who can she trust? Director Robert Fuest's chilling favorite stars THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE's Pamela Franklin.

When a young woman goes missing on vacation, her friend starts to search. But who can she trust?

Cast: Pamela Franklin, Michele Dotrice, Sandor Elès

Member Reviews

it is still a great mystery film!

1 week ago

I would only suggest watching if you're a fan of old movies, and expect it to be slow. Good music and acting, pretty views. Not so much horror, just suspense. Dragged on way too long.

2 weeks ago

Can't believe I missed this one. Loved the setting and cinematography and while it was a simple plot, it kept me guessing. It does a good job of giving the viewer a sense of geography of the locations. The girls were cute and the one jump scare got me. I'm watching the 2010 remake now which makes this look like Citizen Kane.

3 weeks ago

This movie created a eerie mysterious vibe that made me want to know where the story was headed but it was so slow , I'm giving a solid four skulls because I actually liked it and think it's worth watching at least one time.

4 weeks ago

rather watch paint dry. i can do slow paced movies but this was insane. had to fast forward some at the end. honestly not even sure how i stuck with it 🤢

2 months ago