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America Latina

America Latina

Directed by Damiano D'Innocenzo, Fabio D'Innocenzo

Massimo is a dentist from Latina, happily married with two daughters. One day he goes down to the cellar for housework and finds a girl tied up and gagged, asking for help.

Massimo goes into his cellar and finds a girl tied up.

Cast: Elio Germano, Astrid Casali, Sara Ciocca, Maurizio Lastrico, Carlotta Gamba

Member Reviews

Incredibly boring and thinks it is a lot more artistic than it actually is. Nothing much happens. I don't mean it's slow-paced, I genuinely mean nothing really happens. Also, towards the end there is a very important voice-over speech that the subtitles just don't appear for, so if you were hoping for any kind of answers you're out of luck if you don't speak fluent Italian. I used a translator to figure out what was being said and it answered one question I'd been wondering about, but other questions are still left unanswered. A whole lot of nothing.

2 months ago

Absolute garbage. Turned it off not even half way.

3 months ago

where is latina exactly?

4 months ago

Disappointing and boring. I found the narrative frustrating and I spent the entirety of the film seeking moments of revelations that never came. At a certain point it starts to seem silly watching the lead character figure out the mystery.

5 months ago

A middling, but solid drama, muddled as other reviewers have said by the lack of subtitles in the final moments. Artistic decision or not, the option should be available, a problem also common with, say, movies about the protagonist in foreign lands where they don’t speak the language and the local tongue remains untranslated.

5 months ago