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All the Colors of Giallo

All the Colors of Giallo

Directed by Federico Caddeo

‘Giallo' is Italian for ‘yellow’, the color of the lurid pulp novels that inspired one of the most intense, extreme and influential genres in movie history. In this unprecedented documentary, experience the evolution of giallo through interviews with the masters of the form, including Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, Sergio Martino, Daria Nicolodi and many more.

A documentary on the intense and influential giallo genre.

Cast: Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Barbara Bouchet, Luciano Ercoli, Edwige Fenech

Member Reviews

As a casual Giallo fan, this gave me a broader overview of the genre, its origins, and some of it's bigger names and titles - utterly fascinating. The documentary itself is a little rushed and chaotic, but this kind of works with the subject matter, so I had a good time whilst learning more about an scene that I intent to do a lot more investigation about!

5 months ago

a missed opportunity. i wasn't bored once by the interview segments but it's unfocused and there was honestly way more everyone could have gotten into. this has all the heavy hitters from the giallo genre so it's a must-see nevertheless

7 months ago

Good overall, but really heavy on LONG interview segments.

9 months ago

pleasant and informative!

1 year ago

It’s probably not for everyone but I really liked learning about the history and Fulci’s feelings sbout Argento- yeah tell me how you really feel 😬

1 year ago