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Alison's Birthday

Alison's Birthday

Directed by Ian Coughlan

During a Ouija board session with her teenaged friends, 16-year-old Alison gets a warning from beyond the grave not to go home for her 19th birthday. Fast forward three years later, when Alison is summoned to birthday celebrations with her aunt and uncle in Sydney, and visits them with her boyfriend - who becomes increasingly suspicious of the over-protective circle surrounding Alison. Before long Alison finds herself at the center of an ancient supernatural drama of which her own family are the custodians. An example of Australian folk horror with a clear lineage in the British tradition, ALISON'S BIRTHDAY also mines the elder-horror of films like SUSPIRIA (1977) and THE NIGHT NURSE (1978).

During a Ouija board session, 16-year-old Alison is warned not to go home for her 19th birthday.

Cast: Joanne Samuel, Lou Brown, Bunney Brooke, John Bluthal, Vincent Ball

Member Reviews

Very much of its time, but still a fun folk horror romp, and one that would probably suit a reboot!

7 hours ago

Hey, it has the actress who played Mad Max's wife in it! She was so good as Jessie Rockatansky. Unfortunately for me, Alison's Birthday is nothing special, although I can see how fans of a certain era and genre like it so much.

2 weeks ago

Scary, unique, a ton of funny

4 weeks ago

A fiercely original foray into Folk Horror, this early 1980’s Australian feature boasts several narrative elements that have been cribbed a thousand times over by lesser Hollywood productions. But here it feels like we’re able to experience them closer to their true origin. If you find the pacing and action too slow or dull for your liking then I’m surprised you are even subscribed to a movie streaming service to begin with. While I wouldn’t say the ending to this movie is a huge twist or the like, it is extremely effective and makes the film even more memorable. Highly recommended for fans of classics like “Witchboard” and “Skeleton Key.”

1 month ago

A great watch, loved the story and the twist at the end!

1 month ago